• Water & Utility Services

    Excel India Engineering & Utility Service Pvt. Ltd owns an impressive portfolio of self-conceived Water & Utility Service systems. The experience gained over more than a decade of running the world's market of water and wastewater treatment plants marks its point; the evidence is clear purified water with a perfect quality, low use of chemical resources and electricity, the small area occupied by equipment comparing with other necessary areas occupied by other brands of treatment plants with the same capacity. We also provide the services in Operation and Maintenance of Air compressor, Diesel Generator, LPG / Propane Gas yard etc. with our highly qualified professionals.Depending on the needs of our customerswe provide our customers with the advantage of having reduced time for equipment delivery, flexible terms and conditions for payment and especially convenient and competitive prices for the supplied equipment.

  • Civil Works

    Excel India Engineering & Utility Service Pvt. Ltd has been driving growth in the domains of Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC), Natural Resources and Infrastructure over the last decade. Its continuous focus on innovation and expansion together with its commitment to quality and excellence has contributed significantly to the progress that the company has made over a short span of time. Our services of Construction and Decoration have been created a sharp growth for both of us and our clients.

  • Piping & Structural Work

    Excel India Engineering & Utility Service Pvt.Ltd has created a milestone in Piping & Structural Work over the last decade. We provide the Turnkey Solution of Piping & Structural work. We provide the steel and RCC pipes for pipeline networking, Pipeline lying, and also undertake its Operation & Maintenance.

  • Protective Coating

    Excel India Engineering & Utility Service Pvt. Ltd is one of the leading Supplier and Applicator of Internal and External steel structure protective coating, Bridge coating, Floor coating, Water proofing, Anti corrosive and Acid proof coating, External and Internal painting,Epoxy coating, Auto Painting.

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